Death came calling, and I do believe
For Death tells no lies when he comes to me
And I cried over your bones

So I took your books and I took your clothes
And I took your chair and your lock of hair
And I laid them across your grave and I knelt down and I learned to pray
And I cried over your bones

So I asked my mother how to ease the pain
And I asked the Preacher, I asked him the same
They said "Kneel down and learn to pray"
So I spoke to God- but I felt the same
And I cried over your bones


from A Collection of Demonstrations and Demons, released August 10, 2013



all rights reserved


The Long Wives Los Angeles, California

The Long Wives is the solo project of Brandy St. John.

"St. John spins haunting yarns, each woven simply with a guitar, piano and her throaty, impassioned voice. She makes beauty like you wouldn't believe." -Mishka

"Brandy's tender 'songs about death and love, and the death of love' bristle with a striking clarity. Songs to love without condition." -Dots and Dashes
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